Riley Labrecque · Kreedz Climbing

Kreedz Climbing (KZMod) is a Source Engine total conversion mod. The goal in KZMod is to race from point A to B as quick as you can in first person with movement similar to Counter-Strike 1.6.

There are many gameplay types avaialble, all of them focusing on mastering some aspect of the challenging player movement.

Some such gametypes are:

  • Climbing - The original and most common gametype requires you to master the art of jumping to make your way to the end. This can take many more forms itself including Bunnyhopping and Longjumping.
  • Bungee - Perhaps one of the most unique gametypes available to players is the gameplay surrounding the Bungee rope. Players use the Bungee to swing their way to the end point as fast as they can. (Much like Spiderman!)
  • Surfing - A classic Counter-Strike 1.6 inspired gametype where players slide down frictionless ramps, gaining massive speed, freestyling tricks and conquering huge gaps.

Originally released in 2005 KZMod went on to become one of the most played Source mods of all time.

KZMod continues to be available from our partner

I have mirrored the old KZMod website here.